Getting Started

Getting Started with Kroco Order Email Automation

How does Order Email Automation work?

Kroco Order Email Automation allows you to automatically deploy detailed order summary emails to your team (marketing, fulfillment, logistics etc.), so you don't need to sit there customizing your email lists or drafting order summary emails catered to each member of your team. Saves you time, and drives efficiency!

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! 

1) Login to your business Gmail account by clicking on "Login" and signing in.

Note: You will be prompted to grant the app access to associate you with your personal info on Google, see your personal info that you made public only, view your email address and send email on your behalf. Click "Allow" in order to proceed. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please click here.

2) Once you've logged in, customize your email template by going to "Settings". Here, you'll be able to select what details you want to share in the subject line, header, body and footer of the email. You'll also be able to update the following options:

Order Method

  • Manual - you will need to manually deploy your order emails to your recipients.
  • Automatic - the app will automatically deploy your order email once a day.

PDF Settings: this lets you convert the body of your email if your email contains a designated amount of orders. For ex. if your email has 100 orders or more, and you've selected 100 - it will convert the email to a PDF when deploying to your recipients. 

Logout Gmail: disconnect and unauthorize your Gmail account. You'll be able to re-authorize at any time, but will need to go through the process of logging in and allowing permissions again.

3) Save your changes above, and now it's time to Add Email Rules. Email rules define which recipients to send orders to when customers purchase the products you've specified. 


For example, let's say you have two members on your team: Marketing and Fulfillment. Their emails are and You want Fulfillment to receive all the orders, but Marketing to only receive emails for your latest, priority product - we'll call it The ProfitBook. 

What you'd need to do is set up 2 email rules:

Email Rule #1: select all products, click on "Select only the selected products" at the top, and add email "". Create the rule by clicking "Create Rule!"

Email Rule #2: select only "The ProfitBook", click on "Select only the selected products" at the top, and add email "". Create the rule by clicking "Create Rule!"

4) Now that you've created your Email Rules, access them anytime from the Email Rules tab. You can edit or view an existing rule by clicking "Edit / View Detail" beside any email rule. 

And thats it! Now your ready to start saving time and automatically deploying your detailed order emails!

We offer a 14 day free trial period, giving you ample time to explore all the features included with Kroco Order Email Automation. If you believe that the app is not right for you, give us a shout at our Support email before uninstalling and let us help make things right! Once the app is installed from the Shopify App Store, head over to the Apps section of your Shopify dashboard and click through to "Kroco Order Email Automation" or visit

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